Merry Meet! Welcome to our new store and community center.  We plan to open by mid-November .  Please check back often as we are adding new products daily.

We've found some incredible makers who will be joining our community and adding their products to our eclectic and diverse line.  Our store is a composite of exquisite handmade items and those handpicked from larger wholesalers.  This will enable parents and friends to find that perfect treasure.  

We'll start with items found scouring the warehouses and then add the individual makers slowly so you can get to know each one and their wares.

My vision is pretty big for this little website.  I picture this site being a valuable resource for Pagan families and therefore, the Pagan community at large.  Iíve added a forum on Pagan parenting where the parents who have ďbeen there, done thatĒ can help us newbies along this path,  a resource page full of  links and  for families, a kidsí craft corner with projects , links and uploads about education,  and a blog  so you can be there from the ground-up.

Blessed Be,


*Note: If you are looking for Serene Balance Massage services, I was forced to stop massaging due to an injury.  Iíve enjoyed being a Massage Therapist and am honored to have been of service to so many people.  Thank you for visiting my new site and your continued support.


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