Merry Meet and Welcome to Magickal Kids, a place of wonder for Magickal Kids of all ages.  We carry products for people who love magick, fantasy, nature, new age, steampunk,  and beautiful imagination.


Grand Opening November 1, 2014

Pardon us while we dust our shelves. We are working hard to create a store you will love.   In the meantime, take a peek at our  secret pre-grand opening sale for friends, fans, and family!  Please check back often as we are adding new products daily.

We've found some incredible makers who will be joining our community and adding their products to our eclectic and diverse line.  Our store is a composite of exquisite handmade items and those handpicked from larger wholesalers.  This will enable parents and friends to find that perfect treasure. 

We'll start with items we've selected by scouring the warehouses, and then add the individual makers after the grand opening, so you can get to know each one and their gorgeous wares.  We hope you will like what we've found as much as we do!

Blessed Be,

Taffy and the Witchlets

*Magick is a term used to differentiate between stage magic and the occult, supernatual, or natural magic.


for Magickal Kids of all ages